This is what I was stuck behind while driving my kids to school this morning. Take a good look at what's swinging from the trailer hitch.

Not that the Dale Earnhardt Jr. decal wasn't impressive enough. But this guy decided to go the extra mile. Very glad my 6 year old daughter didn't notice and start asking, "Daddy, what's THAT?!?" Hey, it's his vehicle. He can do what he wants. I just wonder why. I suppose it has something to do with his constant fear of being mistaken for a woman? Let the world know, from this day forward, shout it to all corners of the kingdom, that I...have a scrotum.

I wonder if his other cars, the ones up on cinder blocks on his front lawn, have these also? Of course with him drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon in his front yard kiddie pool while smoking an American Spirit and listening to Kid Rock, your attention would be drawn elsewhere so we'll never know.

I think you ladies should start hanging replicas of your ovaries on your bumpers. That could go nicely with the long eyelashes around the headlights that are becoming a thing.

What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen people do to their cars? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.