Joe Votruba had a problem.

Kylie Moore had a solution.

But Kylie’s solution brought another problem.

That’s how our producer Joe came to be wearing a paper towel skirt at work.

On Monday’s show Joe came in during a commercial break and asked Bill and me if we happened to have a spare pair of pants in our cars. We didn’t. I mean, seriously, why would we? His jeans you see had worn a hole in the crotch about the circumference of your pinky. Small, but threatening to unravel open at a frightening pace.

From this we learned midday producer Kylie Moore not only knows how to sew, she carries around a sewing kit with her. Apparently it’s been her dream to close up a crotch hole. Monday was her day.

But before she could swoop in like a Life Skills superhero the problem was what Joe should do for the ten minutes his pants needed to be off. Before settling on the paper towel skirt we all kicked around some ideas on the air including Doyle’s son Sam and man, did Doyle get furious at one of those ideas!

We pulled the audio for those who missed one of the strangest most hilarious moments from the Deminski & Doyle show. Check it out below.

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