It just doesn’t make sense. If someone has their home broken into and things stolen, it’s considered a violation, a sad, horrible situation committed by indecent, disgusting people of questionable values and unquestionable degeneracy. In my mind, people who are happy for other people’s misfortunes, no matter how wealthy or successful they are possess those same traits.

When CEO of American Dream Don Ghermezian’s Bronx home was robbed saturday night of approximately $140k dollars worth of stuff, people’s comments on various websites were disgusting, too. Commenters in several websites said things like “he deserves it.” Or “who cares?” As i said above, if you’re happy that an American citizen’s home is broken into and their personal belongings are stolen, you, like the criminals, probably weren’t brought up well, either.

Criminals broke into Ghermezian’s home and took stuff that didn’t belong to them. Yet the schadenfreude is obvious. Does it not hurt Don Ghermezian to have a huge amount of personal items stolen from him simply because he has a lot of money? And I don’t think it makes a difference if the items stolen are handbags or hand tools. Is it not a violation and a crime because he can “afford” to lose his stuff in a burglary? Does he not feel the same hurt and sadness and fear that you and I would when he walks into his home and sees that it’s been broken into? Everything is relative. Let’s assume that 140k to him is like 140 bucks to me and you. Does it hurt him any less than If we had 140 bucks stolen from our bedrooms?

If you want to imply, as people did, that Don Ghermezian is somehow a “crook” because of his family’s desire to take the empty monstrosity that has been hanging around the meadowlands for years and turn it into something useful, (and yes-probably make tons of money, too) then you should probably be living in another country.

Because guess what? These children of immigrants who come from the war torn, revolution addled, terrorist- breeding, backward dictatorship of Iran making something of themselves in the USA is actually a GOOD thing. So put away your “corporate America sucks” mentality and try to understand: If you’re happy working for “the man” and paying taxes and don’t have an entrepreneurial bent, why begrudge someone who does? Because, at the risk of being “punny”, what the Ghermezian family is doing is the quintessential “American Dream”.

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