As we celebrate President's day, Jim asked the audience who would make the best overall president? If you could only pick one president to run the country, who would it be?

Jim said if he was given the choice, he would pick Thomas Jefferson.

Here are the listeners' picks below.

Dave Hightstown - Andrew Jackson

Tom in Hamilton - Ronald Regan

Joe in Monmouth County - Calvin Coolidge

Andrew Aberdeen - Teddy Roosevelt

Steven in Bridgewater - Grant

Robyn in Blairstown - George Washington

Lee in Gibbstown - Alexander Hamilton

Ed in Delran - Ronald Regan

John in Bridgewater - Thomas Jefferson

Steve in Old Bridge - Chester A. Arthur

Chuck in Bayhead - Theodore Roosevelt

Jim also received a few emails with the pick of General Eisenhower as the top pick for president as well.

Who would be your top president to lead the United States? Leave your picks below.