If you’ve ever had a drug problem, which drug did you begin with and to which one did you “graduate” to?

For the longest time, I’ve felt that while it’s easy for me to approach some kid in my area and ask them where to “cop” a nickel bag, assuming they still deal nickel bags, the fact is the best place to “cop” it is at home. You can apparently find it right in the medicine chest.

And once that happens, all bets are off.



According to this report:
While you may not have realized it, fact is that heroin use among suburban teens has skyrocketed, and the experts are saying that prescription pills are the new gateway drug.

“Kids in the city know not to touch (heroin), but the message never got out to the suburbs,” former Chicago Police Capt. John Roberts told NBC News.

Roberts’ 19-year-old son died of a heroin overdose after the family moved to Chicago’s suburbs. Roberts, newly retired from the police department, thought his children would be safer.

According to NBC News, prescription painkillers are the link between suburban teens and heroin. Teens addicted to pills like Oxycodone can find the same high in heroin, which is cheaper, more intense and easier to buy.

Death from prescription drugs tripled between 2000 and 2008, according to national data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

NBC News reports that out of dozens of interviews with former heroin addicts, nearly all reported getting hooked the same way. They started with prescription drugs they purchased from friends, and when they became too addicted to afford the number of pills they needed to get high, they switched to cheaper heroin.

It always boggles my mind that we still live with a “reefer madness mentality” regarding the “evils” of marijuana, when the real enemy is completely legal. It is also as close as the medicine cabinet!