You already know that the fight against addiction is especially challenging in New Jersey. Deaths from opioid overdoses surpass the national average. Despite the rhetoric coming from the politicians in Trenton, the problem persists impacting communities across the state from cities to wealthy suburbs.

Untimely overdose deaths happen across racial lines, across economic lines and no one has come up with a comprehensive solution. One organization in New Jersey is ahead of the trend however, and fighting hard with outstanding results.

My friends at CFC Loud N Clear have been fighting to support families, coach recovering addicts to embrace and more importantly, sustain a sober lifestyle and intervene to get addicts help before they become the latest statistic in a rising death toll. The success rate over 18 months is 90%. That's right, nine out of ten people helped by the outstanding and caring staff at CFC are still sober after a year and a half. Compared to the national rate of 40%, this program should be a model for the nation.

As we've discussed often on the air and on my podcast, most recently with my co-host Jessica Gibson and CFC's Ashley Regan, families matter. Strong families can be the difference between victory and defeat. But in order to be strong for the suffering and struggling addict, families need to be strong going in.

CFC has an excellent program for Family Preservation and support. The program continues to expand and the ability for them to help a greater number of families comes down to resources. They hold successful events every year from the Annual Gala:

and the Rock the Farm festival to comedy events:

all of which Jessica and I have been proud to host and MC.

One of the critical components of every successful effort to help people is money. And right now, CFC is in the final five groups in Monmouth County competing for three grants worth $112,000 each.

Impact 100 Jersey Coast is an philanthropic group started in 2015 as a part of a movement founded in 2001 to create a support platform for women philanthropists. Three groups will receive the grant this year and I am hoping that our friends are one of them.

Find out more about this incredible organization HERE. And remember if you are struggling with addiction, or have a family member or friend who is struggling, get in touch with CFC Loud N Clear right away. They are here to help you.

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