State Senator Raymond Lesniak  believes that State Senator Richard Codey should run for Governor, so much so, that he says on his facebook page ““Now that (Newark Mayor) Cory Booker has chosen not to run, Codey is our Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

What Geeky pleasures do you have?
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images


This says something about State Senator Raymond Lesniak. Either he’s being trendy and trying to use pop culture to connect with his FB friends, or quite simply he’s a geek.


If Senator Lesniak is that deep into Star Wars he should be hanging with my 6 year old twins Lennon and Albert who are just learning how to read but can quote Star Wars chapter and verse. They have every Star Wars legos model available the pieces of which are all over the house. (One piece I stepped on while walking to the desk to write this)

I had no idea when they came home from school one day obsessed with Star Wars that this movie that is 36 years old still has such a stranglehold on its fans and continues to breed new ones.  I now know how big the Star Wars industry is and will become now that Disney bought in.

I also know where my boys got their geeky pleasure from. When their father gets into something, he goes all the way as well.  I’m not just a Giants fan, or a Beatles fan, I’m so deep that I’ve read every book and story that I can get my hands on. It’s the same when I get into a television show. I was crushed when the show 'Leverage' got cancelled! I won’t even talk about cancelled shows that were my favorites like “Wiseguy”, “Crime Story” or “The Equalizer.”

What’s YOUR Geeky pleasure?  I’d love to know, leave your comments below.