It’s no secret that I may be a fan of some so-called chick-flicks. Of course in today’s hyper-PC environment, I’m sure even that term could get me in hot water on social media. That said, my favorite one is “The Time Travelers Wife”. What’s yours?

Our friend and my podcast co-host Jay Black may now be saying its “Ten Things I Hate About You”. That was his wife Kristina’s pick for the latest episode of “Movie and A Dinner”.

Jay and his wife visit my friend Gennaro at his restaurant in Kingston, NJ every month and talk about two movies that they watched. The trick is that they ‘assign’ each other a movie. Jay’s pick for his wife this month was “Top Secret!” Now that movie I’ve seen, but it was so long ago I may watch it again.

As far as “Ten Things”, I’m ready to add another ‘Chick Flick’ to the library. What about you?

Even if you don’t have time to watch the movies, don’t miss the conversation between husband and wife over an Italian meal. It’s priceless.

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