Obviously, breakfast is big business in New Jersey.

No too long ago, I was reading that millennials weren't that into the "traditional" breakfast...and there was a fear that this might mean the end of the traditional cereal aisle.

Breakfast...by the bag. (Craig Allen photo).

I'm thinking that "forecast" might (still) be a bit...premature.

A quick walk down the cereal aisle in any Jersey grocery store proves that the variety is practically...

No toaster? No problem. (Craig Allen photo).


2019 cereal doesn't have to be "bland." (Craig Allen photo).

...and even...creative.

"Easter Bunny" in a box. (Craig Allen photo).

Seasonal cereal..."spring edition"...currently sweetens Jersey morning palates.

Oh no...it's a TRAP. (Craig Allen photo).

But hurry...who can be sure how long you'll be "lucky," now that St. Patrick's Day has passed.

I LOVE chocolate...but, this one may be pushing it a bit:

"Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya?" (Craig Allen photo).

Marshmallows...in chocolate milk?  That's sweetness overkill in my opinion.

Then there's this breakfast cereal offering:

The box not-so-clearly says "artificially flavored." (Craig Allen photo).

I see it, but I don't want to taste it.

My guess would be that "chicken and waffles" flavored cereal is very "limited edition."

What say you?

What's the weirdest cereal you've seen in your grocery aisle, New Jersey?