The genius minds at have done it again. They did Google research for all fifty states looking at what searches would most fill in the blank of "Why does (state) _____?"

For example, filling in the blank for Connecticut is "Why does Connecticut have a silent c?" Florida's was "Why does Florida suck?" I think the answers to that one are pretty obvious, but I digress. Poor Delaware has to have low self-esteem when they see their most searched was "Why does Delaware exist?" Ouch!

Then there were the more serious minded searches such as "Why does Texas want to secede?" "Why does Maine split electoral votes?" "Why does Washington have the highest minimum wage?"

So that brings us back home to New Jersey. What did most people wonder about the Garden State starting with the question, "Why does New Jersey ...?" Click here to see the answer and the entire fifty state map on MentalFloss.

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