In light of the recent cannibalistic events reportedly caused by the drug, bath salts, talk of the Zombie Apocalypse has been the topic of choice for many.

Right here in Jersey, in Hackensack, a man ripped out his intestines and tried to throw them at police officers. In Miami, a man ate the face of a man. More stories have popped up in recent days, including one in Baltimore just a few days ago. Zombie Apocalypse or not, this is very scary to imagine becoming a popular trend.

In honor of America's newest "Zombies," Deminski & Doyle want to know what you think is the best zombie movie of all time. We also have a debate going on as to what type of zombie is scarier: slow moving zombies similar to the ones in "Night Of The Living Dead" or the quick zombies like the ones in "28 Days Later"?

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