A woman on a flight from Houston to Amsterdam flight yesterday became drunk and unruly and caused the plane to divert to Newark Liberty. She was probably drunker than most drunk people you've seen on planes, as she is reported to have dumped a drink on two passengers who were innocent bystanders (or by-sitters) just trying to enjoy their flight.

We have heard of rude behavior on planes, but this woman was apparently out of control, being belligerent with the flight crew and causing mayhem on the plane. You want to be pleasantly soused on a flight to either calm your nerves or just to chill and relax, I get it. But keep your drunkenness to yourself.

When we're flying we're all in it together, you gotta be cognizant of other people and courteous. But getting blitzed Is just one of the annoying things that passengers do on flights.

Here in no particular order are the most annoying things a passenger in your row can do to ruin your flight.

  • Eat loudly
  • Wear strong cologne
  • Flatulate
  • Initiate small talk
  • Hog the armrest
  • Fall asleep on you
  • Cry
  • Discuss their fear of flying
  • Get up for frequent bathroom breaks
  • Talk to a traveling companion in front or behind you in the row

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