The generation described as "obsessed with technology" and "detached from society" may not understand or appreciate those stereotypes. In a recent workplace productivity study, the majority of millennials indicated they prefer face-to-face interaction on the job.

Group of office workers gathered around one workstation
Christopher Robbins, ThinkStock

An overwhelming 60 percent of workers in the 18-32 age range would pick in-person collaboration over a phone call or email conversation, according to the Cornerstone OnDemand study.

"Gen Y workers, whom we have largely pigeonholed as having an insatiable appetite for technology, are expressing both a desire for more human, face-to-face interaction and frustration with information and technology overload," said Jason Corsello of Cornerstone.

The study found 38 percent of millennials, compared to 20 percent of older-generation workers, reported a struggle with "technology overload" at work.

Business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter said technology isn't the only thing that defines millennials, especially when a career is in the picture.

"They do need to learn from other people, and interacting with others is the way to do it. They do want mentors, and they want to be exposed to lots of things, " Pachter said.

Most people want to interact with others, she added, but maybe not all day - just like no one would want to sit in front of a computer or tablet all day.