Alright, Wawa -- we need your help.

So, here's the situation. One of our co-workers here thinks its OK to pull-up to a gas pump and, while getting gas, run into Wawa to buy stuff. We shall refer to her as, "ETIWWST" (Everything That Is Wrong With Society Today).

Now, in past blogs, we have addressed the people that abandon their cars at the gas pump at Wawa to run in and grab a ham and cheese Shorti with mayo and lettuce and tomatoes and salt and pepper and pickles and "would you like to add soup to your order" and "no I don't want to add soup to my order" and "would you like extra mayonnaise on your Shorti".... umm..... err..... do I want extra mayo-- ummm...... no I don't want extra mayo and "did I pick tomatoes" and "I better go back four screens and check" and did I get---

You get the idea.

While the greatest decision ever made is happening at a Wawa ordering kiosk, you decided to pull-up behind the one gas pump that only had one car in front of it, thinking that since that person has already started getting gas, your wait won't be long at all.

After what feels like nine or ten days passing, you realize the driver of that car has abandoned their vehicle at the gas pump, which has since clicked-off and the nozzle has been put back by the attendant.

And you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Oh, look, the sun is beginning to come up.

And wait.

And now the sun is setting.

And out walks "ETIWWST" with her coffee and Shorti and pack of gum and soft pretzel in one hand (let's assume it's Somers Point and she didn't want to spend a nickle for a plastic bag), and, in her other hand, a cell phone and a Wawa receipt fluttering in the breeze as if to mock you -- almost waving and laughing at you -- because you are still waiting behind her car at the gas pump.

About a year ago, we blogged about how Wawa was addressing this situation. Stickers, in the very friendly Wawa font, began appearing on gas pumps that ask you to be mindful of the person waiting behind you. That appeared to be something of a Supreme Court-like ruling -- firm and direct yet open to interpretation by scholars.

Fast forward to the other day when "ETIWWST" decided to fan the Wawa flames by saying it's perfectly fine to leave your car at the pump while you go inside. What ensued was a social media debate that rivaled the "what color is this dress" thing from a while back.

TSM via
TSM via

Part of the social media debate this time, however, actually involved Wawa itself. Via liking tweets, Wawa has apparently (un)officially confirmed their stance on this polarizing issue by 'liking' replies that said it's OK to abandon your car at the pump. They did not like a tweet that complained about the practice.

So, Wawa — which is it? We need an answer. Life as we know it depends on getting an answer to this question. The country is divided as it is-- this debate needs to be settled. We turn to you, oh king of convenience stores, for a ruling.

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