Comedian Pablo Francisco called in last night! He explained how the Stress Factory in New Brunswick actually became part of his world tour! Pablo did more imitations in 5 minutes than most comics do in their lives and they were all hysterical! We talked a little Bill Cosby, (actually he talked as Cosby), which may be the only way you ever get to see Cosby anymore.

You may know Pablo from his two Comedy Central specials "Ouch" and "They Put It Out There" or from his work on MAD TV and Mind of Mencia. With his impression of Carlos, Frtancisco may be the only comic who stole from Mencia!

You can see Pablo Francisco this week at the Stress Factory. He has one show tonight at 7:30, and 2 shows on Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 and 9:45. After hearing all of Pablo's celebrity voices, I can say that if you only go to see this comic this weekend, you'll see them all!

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