What kids wear to school becomes more of an issue as the weather warms and we move closer to school's end.

Students may opt for casual, but some districts discourage dress that is too casual — as in beach wear or revealing summer attire not deemed appropriate for class.

Janet Bamford of the New Jersey School Boards Association says there is no state-mandated school dress code, so it varies from district to district.

New Jersey law does allow for individual school dress codes on the local level.

"One kind of landmark addition was in 1996 when school dress codes were allowed to address what comes to 'gang apparel,' and also to permit school uniforms," she said.

Bamford says there is a lot of variation from district to district in New Jersey, from no dress code at all to a few districts that mandate uniforms.

"We provide sample policies. We collect them from districts around the state, so the districts can get a sense of what their neighboring districts are doing."

She says it's important for school dress codes to also address safety, with safe footwear and considerations for students in science classes, for example.

"Districts often will give principals or school administrators some latitude to decide what is appropriate and what is not appropriate and what is acceptable within the confines of a policy. So, often, there is a judgement call to be made by the school administrators."

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