The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has one very simple goal: to keep researching and fundraising till a cure for type 1 diabetes is found. Type 1 diabetes is a disease that suddenly affects children and adults, while lasting a lifetime.

Jersey native, Courtney Kovacs, was diagnosed with the illness 12 years ago. When it was known what the JDRF was all about, a fund-raising team was set up to contribute to the cause. The Kovacs Family team is comprised of family members and friends.

Joann Spera had been searching for a charity to really invest herself in. When she learned that Courtney had gotten the illness, it was an easy decision to get involved with the JDRF, and the Kovacs Family team to lend her support to curing this disease.

"And they're in the process and really feel that they can expect to see a cure in our lifetime," she said, "so they're really making some very close strides in coming to a cure."

The charity's annual Walk to Cure Diabetes event recently took place across New Jersey, and it was an especially strong year for the Kovacs team, who are among the top diabetes fundraisers in the state. Joann eclipsed the $10,000 mark in total money raised since she began participating, while the whole team eclipsed the $250,000 plateau in money raised.

"Every year I made a commitment to try and raise more and more money," Spera said, "and I have found that people are just unbelievably generous."

The JDRF is as credible as a charity can get, especially with 80 percent of dollars donated going directly to the cause. While Joann had tried to figure out the best charity to get involved with, she is satisfied with becoming involved with the JDRF, and helping a family friend at the same time.

"But I kind of look at it that if everybody donated themselves to one particular charity," she said, "then all the charites would get covered."

Donating to the Kovacs Family team remains open through October. Learn more by visiting here.

You can see a video made by Courtney by visiting here.

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