The sign says it all!

The people running for office...for Senate and House Of Representatives, down to your local offices...have had their say. The state constitutional issues (courts and open space funding) have been presented. Board of Education candidates are on the same ballot!

Now, its time for us, the voting public, to have our say!

In other countries, people yearn for the chance to vote!

Exercise your right to be heard! New Jersey Polls are open from 6am til 8pm on Tuesday.

Some good advice from the back of the sample ballot. (Craig Allen photo)

And, as a poll worker, let me suggest to you that you bring your sample ballot to the polls. The sample ballot tells you where to vote, what district you vote in...your candidate choices, and interpretations of the public questions. Save time, and avoid confusion!

Vote...and then hear your vote counted on New Jersey 101.5 and!

New Jersey 101.5 news coverage starts at 7:00 Tuesday evening.

Get the latest results, and talk about it, with Steve Trevelise!

And, remember...if you DON'T vote on the sign says, you CAN'T complain!