Parenting can be difficult enough when it is your own kids, but it opens up a entirely different can of worms when you are stuck in the position to reprimand someone else's kids.


Judi was telling Dennis a story on air about how her husband Mark recently reprimanded a someone else's child. Two kids were fighting and one of them was really hitting the other when Mark stepped in and broke it up. Mark reprimanded the child for hitting the other kid and Judi was surprised that Mark was so vocal about it.

Nowadays, you can barely reprimand your own kids without someone telling you to stop, more or less if you decided to step in and reprimand someone else's kid. Judi was afraid for Mark because parents can be extremely defensive about having their children reprimanded.

Was Judi correct in her concern for her husband? If you were Mark would you have reprimanded the child? Or would you have just minded your own business?

Take the poll below and let us know if you ever reprimanded another child.