Manalapan comic Vic Dibitetto, who’s YouTube page has generated over 40 million hits, will be featured in the upcoming film “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.” He told me the story about how he landed the role.

Photo by Vic DiBitetto
Photo by Vic DiBitetto

Here is how Vic told the story:

“I'm sitting in my hotel room in Albany, I was booked at the comedy works….the cell rings, I see 'Caller ID Unknown.' I never pick up when I see that, The voice says 'Hi Vic this is Keven James.'”

"Now I have a friend on Facebook named Kevin James, and that’s who I think it is.” ”I say Hi Kevin What’s up?" Kevin asks "What are you doin?" I say "I'm at the Comedy Works.” Kevin says, “Oh yeah, I used to do that place too." I say “I never knew you did comedy." He says “VIC…ITS ME KEVIN JAMES!”

“Now I'm like really? Who's is this?" Kevin is laughing now, and says: “I got a small part for you in Mall Cop 2. I’m gonna send u the script, your part is Gino Chizetti. Read it and email me back your thoughts."

“Now I'm like Ralph Kramden…hama hama hama. I say ok Kevin thanks! Now I'm thinking its still a joke and the guys gonna call me back and call me a jerk off. So the script comes and I'm looking at my lines, one of them is 'What did u pay for that belt? I got a guy.' Now I'm like holy shit. that’s the line I use when I do Tony Gaga." (One of Vic’s characters).

"I email him back and tell him the strange coincidence. Kevin emails me back and tells me he's been watching my videos on Facebook and Youtube, and the Tony Gaga character gave him the idea for Gino Chizetti, a much more toned down version though."

"Fast forward to Vegas when we filmed and I meet him, I tell him 'Kevin, I'm not gonna keep thanking you, I just want you to know, if you ever need a kidney, I'm there for you.' Kevin laughed and said 'Dude, you broke your ass for 30 years, you belong here, lets have fun!'

You can listen to the full story in the audio below.

As someone who’s known Vic for the last 10 years, I can honestly tell you that Kevin’s words are spot on!

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