When Vic Dibitetto created the character of “Tony Gaga”, he never dreamed it would land him a part in a major motion picture. But that’s exactly what happened to the Manalapan comedian, whose “Bread and Milk” and “Justin Bieber” videos are YouTube sensations with over 15,000,000 hits.

Dibitetto just got back from Las Vegas, where he finished filming his part in “Paul Blart Mall Cop 2” with Kevin James. He called Steve Trevelise on New Jersey 101.5, and told listeners the story of how he was on the road in New York getting ready to perform at a comedy club, when he received a call from Kevin James.

Among Vic’s many Facebook friends is a Kevin James, so he thought that one was calling him. Imagine Vic’s surprise when he found out he was not only talking to the King Of Queens himself, but, he was being offered a part in his sequel 'Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.' When Vic saw the part he told James how this character was just like one he created called 'Tony Gaga.' James explained to Dibitetto that he’s seen Vic’s YouTube videos, and created the part with him in mind.

Humble as ever, Vic returns to driving the school bus by day and headlining the Comedy clubs by night. You can visit his website for a complete schedule of where you can see Vic live.

Listen to Steve Trevelise's Interview with Vic DiBitetto below.

Steve Trevelise Interviews Vic DiBitetto