They fought for our country, and many of them risked their lives on the front lines, but America's veterans aren't getting much of a break with the current government shutdown.

John Moore, Getty Images

Without reaching an agreement on funding the federal government, Congress agreed to continue paying the nation's active troops. However, most Veterans Affairs call centers are out of commission, and payments for many vets could run out if the shutdown lasts more than a few days.

"Healthcare for veterans will not be delayed. That's one thing that's good," said Jack Fanous with Jersey-based GI Go Fund. "But disability compensation - the payments will be held up; the processing of those claims will be held up."

Pension payments would see a delay as well.

New Jersey had been in line for additional grant money to get homeless veterans off the streets and into housing. The additional funding was scheduled for October 1, the same day the government "closed," so shelter-seeking vets and their families will have to wait a bit longer.

"To me, it's shameful to see the people who take the same oath as members of our military, not holding up their end up the bargain," said Fanous of lawmakers in Washington, D.C. "There's just so much collateral damage to this shutdown that people aren't paying attention to."