Valentine's Day is, of course, about making your spouse or partner feel loved through gifts or other tokens of appreciation, but it is also a very big day for the New Jersey economy.

Americans are expected to spend $20 billion on flowers, jewelry, wine, candy, and special nights out. That translates to a big boon for New Jersey small businesses.

The New Jersey Policy Research Organization Foundation broke down the impact on New Jersey with some facts about these different industries and small businesses right here in the Garden State.

“Valentine’s Day is about celebrating with that special someone, but in the process, you can show some love for small business, too,” said NJPRO Executive Director Mary Beaumont. “Florists, candy shops, and restaurants tend to be individually owned and locally based.”

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    1.5 million gallons

    The amount of wine produced each year in New Jersey, which makes it the seventh largest wine producing state in the nation.  More than 40 varieties of grapes are grown in Garden State vineyards.

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    More than 1,700

    The amount of florists here in New Jersey, which are among the busiest small businesses on Valentine's Day.

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    The Garden State is home to this many confectionary establishments, which accounts for $9 million in annual sales. Fifty-eighty million pounds of candy were purchased for Valentine's Day in 2015.

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    Atlantic City

    Despite constant headlines for its economic woes, Atlantic City was ranked as the "Most Romantic City in America" for 2015 by OpenTable.  It offers New Jersey lovebirds a quick and easy romantic getaway.

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    Dining out

    Welcome news for New Jersey restaurants.  Valentine's Day was the second-most popular day for dining out, trailing just behind Mother's Day.