You thought when you purchased your state of the art L.E.D. HD TV there wouldn't be anything to top it for several years.  Well, my friend, think again.


Joe Stinziano/Getty Images

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wound up this past week and  showcased, literally, some eye opening products.

TV technology is moving ahead at warp speed.  New ultra high definition TV's were introduced by Sharp and LG that were impressive.

Sharp's 60 inch "Purios" UHD TV is due out this summer.  Their "Aquos" UHD TV will be launched toward the end of the year.

The ultra hi-def TV has over 8 million pixels.  That's over four times the amount of pixels on a conventional HD TV.  Some people who viewed these TV's said the picture was so vibrant that it seemed liked they were watching in 3-D!

Just like most new tech stuff, the price tags are not for the faint of heart.  Most of these sets will be rolled out for just under $10,000.  Yikes!  But, just like before with earlier technology, the prices will eventually become affordable.

A few other items at The C.E.S. included tablets and smartphones from Samsung that have flexible displays.  This would mean no more cracked screens.  It may take a couple of years before these products hit the market.  Also, The Samsung people will introduce an upgrade to their Galaxy S III.  It will be called Galaxy S IV.

RCA.  Remember them?  They will announce the launch of a new tablet with a built in TV tuner

Panasonic showed off a 20 inch tablet that runs Windows 8 and has an Intel Core i-5 processor.  This is a prototype.  No details on availability.

And finally, here's something affordable.  It's the Pebble Smart Watch.  It would set you back $150.00.  This gizmo has a 1.26 diagonal Sharp Memory LCD screen.  The screen refreshes at 30 frames per second.  That means animations run smooth and has a responsive interface.  They say it will be available in five colors.  (black, white, red, gray, and orange)

So, there you have it.  In just a few months, for the next holiday season, run out to your favorite electronics store and pick up several of those ultra HD TV's.

Yeah, right.

Intel presented it's next generation of processors called "Haswell."  The processor would have a longer battery life and allow more options for mobile devices.