With the midterm elections getting closer, ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft say they want to help make sure everyone can get to their polling places on Nov. 6.

Uber announced several initiatives aimed at helping people not only vote, but also make sure they are registered to vote. On Election Day itself, app users will have a button helping them find their polling places, and book a ride there. Uber will be partnering with #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to ensure that people who can't afford a ride to the polls get there for free as well.

Leading up to Election Day, the company is teaming up with When We All Vote to help people register to vote. The company is also sharing registration resources to help people who haven't signed up yet.

"Decisions are made by those who show up," the company said in a statement about its efforts. "This Election Day, Uber will be doing what we can do make it easier for people to do just that."

Uber's main competition is also helping people get to the polls on Election Day. Lyft announced it will be offering 50 percent off promo codes to help people vote, as well as free rides for "underserved communities."

Lyft is also working with When We All Vote and National Voter Registration Day to ensure people are registered to vote.

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 16. Learn more about voting in New Jersey on the Department of State's website.

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