Where do you draw line between appropriate and inappropriate screening of children at our nation's airports? This story and accompanying video has to do with an "outraged" father of a 3 year old boy. The 3 year old was subjected to a patdown because he was in a wheelchair. Even though TSA has tried to ease up on patdowns of children, when one is in a wheelchair which can't go through a metal detector things get dicey and they'll often have to resort to it. The reason I put outraged in quotes is: this patdown happened back in 2010, and the father only NOW is making it public. It should be pointed out that the father also happens to work in broadcasting in Chicago. Whatever the real motive is here, this certainly can't fail to draw more attention to his name. It's already had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Some comments include people noticing the "abject terror" in the child's eyes. Really? He simply looks bored to me. I see no groping here. I see nothing inappropriate considering if we NEVER do this, terrorists will take note of that and begin planting explosives on three year old's in wheelchairs. They're sick. They'd do that. Check out the video for yourself below.