WILDWOOD — If you're headed to Donald Trump's Make America Great Again rally Saturday leave your fireworks, drums and umbrellas at home and be sure to pack your proverbial patience.

Security will be tight and the weather will be okay for the event. New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said Friday will be a cool day with a mix of sun and clouds. With ocean temperatures in the 50s it will be chilly on the beach.

The chance of an isolated shower on Saturday is not zero, but it's low, according to Zarrow.

Dan Zarrow's latest forecast

Items prohibited by the Secret Service from the beach during the Donald Trump political rally in Wildwood
Items prohibited by the Secret Service from the beach during the Donald Trump political rally in Wildwood (City of Wildwood)

When can I get onto the beach?

The gates to the beach will open at noon. The event officially begins at 5 p.m.

Where does the rally take place?

The rally takes place at the Lincoln Avenue beach, the site of the Barefoot County Music Festival between Schellenger and Spicer avenues.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes. You can register for a maximum of two free tickets at the Trump campaign website.  The digital ticket you receive will be scanned before you can get onto the beach. According to spokeswoman Lisa Fagan, the capacity for the rally is 20,000.  The Trump campaign has not disclosed when ticket registration will end.

Attendees are also subject to a security screening.

Map of area around the Trump rally
Map of area around the Trump rally (City of Wildwood)

Are any roads closed?

The city as of Friday had not announced any road closures.

Where can I park?

Most of Wildwood has free street parking but meters are located along Pacific Avenue on the east side up to Ocean Avenue, according to the city's website. The meters will be operational the day of the rally.

Meters accept coins or by using the ParkMobile app.

Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano told NBC Philadelphia that the city saw an opportunity to make some money on the visit. He said the revenue goes back into events that take place during the summer.

According to a document obtained by New Jersey 101.5 the Trump campaign paid the city $54,000 for the event.

Is the boardwalk open?

The Wildwood boardwalk will be open on Saturday but is subject to closure for security purposes. All the shops, restaurants and arcades are permitted to open as usual. Note that some businesses may not yet be open for the season.

Can I fly my drone during the rally?

No. The city will be enforcing its ordinance prohibiting drones flying over the beach.  Anyone with drone faces potential criminal charges at the local, state and federal level and risks their drone being confiscated. Drones are also prohibited by the Secret Service during the event.

President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Wildwood, New Jersey
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Can I go swimming?

Swimming is not permitted as lifeguards will not be on duty Saturday.

Can I sell Trump gear?

No. The city is not issuing any of the required vendor licenses for the event.

What can I expect to happen at the rally?

The Trump campaign has not released a schedule for entertainment and other speakers. At other Trump campaign events, local Republicans have adddressed the crowd before the former president takes the stage.

What else is going on in Wildwood on Saturday?

The Trump rally will not be the only event in Wildwood on Saturday.  The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse 150th anniversary event, the North American Spirit Cheer Competition, the spring Wildwood Kustom Hot Rod and Muscle Car Show and the Wildwoods Spring Fling Festival were all on the calendar for Saturday before the Trump event.

Troiano is confident Wildwood can handle all the events. He says Wildwood is used to large crowds.

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