Aug 1 has been designated as "National Night Out" and I spent part of it in Ewing enjoying the festivities. Hundreds of people lined the streets which started with the Ashley Stewart Sisters singing the National Anthem led by Terry.

The "community response unit" led by Police Chief John Stemler with officers Michael Pellegrino, Matt Przemieniecki, Kevin Hoarn, Robert Ranke, and the fire departments. Of course Mayor Bert Steinmann was there, he acknowledged the elected officials in the crowd starting with Senator Shirley K Turner, Assemblyman Reid Gusciora,Councilman Kevin Baxter, Councilwoman Sarah Stewart, Councilwoman Kathy Wollert, Councilman David Schroth, and Councilwoman Jennifer Keyes-Maloney.

Steve Trevelise photo

It was after I opened the ceremony that I was presented by Officer Pellegrino whom I met at the Seaside Heights opening, with a picture of the fallen "Jet Star." That's the famous roller coaster which was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. It's a beautiful shot with the definition of "Survivor" across the top. Having worked on New Jersey 101.5 the night of Sandy and ever since, I truly feel that definition defines anyone from New Jersey.

Steve Trevelise photo

1. One who perseveres through life's challenges, hardships, misfortunes, and tragedies.

2. One who refuses to give up, give in, or quit trying.

3. One who triumphs over insurmountable challenges and becomes a better person because of them.

Yeah... That's us!

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