To work out of doors I always thought was a real treat. Not being cooped up behind a desk and getting to breath fresh air (depending on whether or not you were downwind of something.)

I’m sure this postman was happy with the fact that he worked outside too.

After all, delivering packages is part and parcel with the job.

But, what exactly was he delivering; or in the case of the young lady beckoning him, what did she want delivered?

You be the judge, and tell us whether or not his package delivering days should be over.

According to this:

It’s unclear what exactly a local postal worker was doing in the back of a van with a woman who walked up to his van on Saturday, but it’s almost certainly not postal service work.

A city resident posted three YouTube videos of a showing the mailman’s encounter on the 300 block of Rusling Avenue.

The first video shows an unidentified white woman wearing a grey jacket, jeans and boots approach the carrier van as it’s parked along side the house. As she nears the van, the worker, who is only known as the driver of truck 2217163 for that day, slides open the van door.

The worker got out of his van and let the woman inside the van before going in himself and shutting the door. The driver is briefly seen on camera before he moves to the back of the van, which was the end to the first video.

The second video picks up with a Trenton police SUV pulling up alongside the van while the driver remains out of view of the camera.
The SUV remained alongside the van for a few seconds before going into reverse to parallel park behind the van.

The driver is then seen going back into the driver’s side seat and turned the vehicle on. The carrier van attempted to drive away, but the police vehicle stopped the van. The driver is then seen talking to the officer from his vehicle before the officer turns on the lights on his vehicle and exits the SUV. Two more officers arrive on the scene as the woman’s head is seen poking into the camera’s view. The three officers are seen talking to each other through the end of the video.

The third video is only 21 seconds long showing two police SUVs driving away as the mail carrier van pulls away. Police did not release any specific information on the incident, but reported that no arrests were made.

Despite no charges being filed, the mailman may still find himself in trouble. An employee handbook for the U.S. Postal Service said mail carriers are not to “loiter or stop to converse unnecessarily” on their routes.

A spokeswoman for the Postal Service declined to say what will become of the driver, but did say at no point are civilians allowed in a mail carrier’s van.

Another perk of the job of working outside, besides the aforementioned, is the number of interesting people you meet along the way.

Should the postman be fired for breaking the rules by letting a civilian into his van?

However rules state that you don't fraternize in the van.
And we all know, rules are rules!

Hate to be a buzzkill.

Should the postman be fired for breaking the rules by letting a civilian into his van?

Yes, in probably more ways than one!

No, we don’t know all the circumstances.

Other, please leave comment below.