I'll be the first to admit that a beautiful woman can get my attention like nothing else in the universe. So sue me. I'm a man and when that stops happening I'll know something is seriously wrong with me.

Yesterday, Judi and I had the pleasure to meet and host Jane Randall, editor and boss lady and Jersey Report, a website featuring a round up of all news New Jersey. She spent an hour on the air with us and it flew by like it was 5 minutes.

Jane was a contestant on Season 15 of America's Next Top Model a few seasons back. She's also a Princeton grad and one of the most impressive "millennials" you'll ever meet.

At the age of 26 she's running a pretty impressive operation and is absolutely one of the most intelligent, level headed and engaging people you'll be lucky enough to run into.

We hope to have her back on again soon. Forget that she's tall, athletic and gorgeous. Well maybe you can, I can't!

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