When you catch a mistake in a movie, for just that one moment you feel like a genius. Better than Spielberg. Better than James Cameron. New Jersey has some of the finest public schools in the nation, consistently ranking in the top 3 year after year. We have the university where Albert Einstein work. We have the town where Thomas Edison created inventions that changed the world. So if we were to make movies here in Jersey, with all our Jersey smarts, surely we wouldn't have mistakes in them, right?


Here's a list of my personal favorite movie mistakes from films shot in Jersey.

1. Clerks

When Veronica hands Dante the lasagna, he tells he has to close, but he doesn't find out that he has to close the store until the following scene.

2. Lock Up

During a football game, after Eclipse gets involved, he tackles a bearded guy - completely leveling him and knocking his hat off. Eclipse stamps on his chest, and the guy's hat is inexplicably back on his head again.

3. The Wrestler

Part of his prep to wrestle is to shave his armpits. In one scene you see him doing his prep, then you see him sitting in a chair when he lifts his arms and his pits are full of hair again.

4. Friday the 13th

When the two teenagers find the axe in the bed, the axe is perfectly clean despite the fact it had been shoved through a girl's head.

5. Garden State

When Largeman is talking to a character named Dr. Cohen, a diploma continuously disappears and reappears right next to the door.

6. Jersey Boys

A scene that shows Tommy arguing with Bob Crewe after the song Trance, Tommy has his arm up on the music stand while arguing. Next shot Tommy's arms are at his sides. Then suddenly they're back on the music stand again.

7. The Wedding Singer

When Julia and Robbie are having their friend the limo driver go through an obstacle course to prove his driving skills, you clearly see both right-side hubcaps come off the car. Then, just a few seconds later, the hubcaps are back on the limo.

8. Chasing Amy

When Silent Bob is telling the Amy story in the diner, his cigarette mysteriously grows from barely above the filter to about half length. As he continues talking it then it disappears from his hand altogether, and he draws a new one. This scene is so well done by Kevin Smith I doubt very many noticed.

9. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

When the guys stop to take a leak and then leave, Harold gets bitten by a raccoon. In one shot Harold's blood stain is seen on his jacket, in the next shot it's gone, then back again and so forth, until the car  finally stops.

10. The Amityville Horror

When the cursed home's stairs are first shown, there is carpet up the middle of those stairs. At the end when they flee the house, it's gone.

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