I never thought I'd see the day my life would undergo the "paradigm shift" that it did yesterday (1/17/12).

Looking back on the above picture, and the one below is all so very humbling.

Makes you wonder where it all went...and how important you are in the "circle of life!"

Like I said, pretty amazing!

Another thing. Hard for me to imagine myself as grandpa.

The guy who I remember as grandpa is the guy in the slippers sitting on a bench with grandma in their front yard in Coney Island.

He left us when I was 3. All of him I do remember was how he used to take me for walks across the bridge next to their house, the smoking table he had in front of his TV, and the fact that he smoked Viceroys.

Oh, and how I missed him when they took him to the VA hospital just before he died.

I remember there being a real void in my life.

Hopefully I can give Nicky a lifetime of memories, so that when he holds his grandchild, he'll always remember his grandpa, and how important he is in the "circle"!

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