It surprises me that Joe Namath would rip the Jets over acquiring Tim Tebow considering how much alike they really are. Let me splain Lucy….

In 1965 the New York Jets signed “rock star” quarterback Joe Namath. Namath’s long hair, partying and womanizing attitude reflected the youth of the generation who no longer trusted or respected anyone over 30. Back then it was cool to be a rebel. Namath was just what the Jets needed to establish themselves with the younger generation.

Joe brought so many people who weren’t fans not only to the Jets but to the fledging American Football League that they were able to merge with the National Football League and give us what today is known as the American Football Conference


Today the “rebel” attitude has been replaced by conformity. As you may have seen in the movie “21 Jump Street”, it’s now “cool to care’ in high school. No one cares more than Tim Tebow.  John Elway said Tim Tebow is “the one guy he’d want to marry his daughter”. Every high school girl in the tri state area will second that. Every Mom will want their son to be like Tebow. I had a mom call my show and tell me that she will become a Jets fan because of Tim Tebow. She will be the first of many.


Namath was also one of the most popular pitchmen of his time. Do you remember the 10,000 he got from Remington to shave his moustche? For extra credit, Do you remember who was in that commercial with him? (Farrah Fawcett)

How about the pantyhose commercial?

Tim Tebow is already one of the most popular pitchmen of his time. His jersey sales were already the most popular and that was from Denver. Imagine Tebow’s brand now that he’s in the number 1 market. As long as we’re imagining, Imagine what would happen if the Jets win a Super Bowl with Tebow. I gotta believe if God can get him to New York, surely he can make that happen. In fact as Namath would say “ I guarantee it”