There was a 20 person pileup at the Secaucus, NJ Transit Station due to an escalator malfunction and while that sounds funny, people actually sustained injuries because of it. says several people suffered cuts and bruises when the down escalator unexpectedly sped up throwing people to the bottom of the escalator. It may not have been a surprise to some of the veteran commuters, however, as there have been issues with the 31 Secaucus Junction escalators before.

Just last year one person went to the hospital when an escalator abruptly switched directions, and in 2010, five Jets fans were hurt when an escalator just stopped.

Problems with the Secaucus escalators are so bad that someone even started a Twitter account called The Secaucus Escalator for people to vent. One of the tweets from Monday night referenced the pileup.

Other tweets take aim at other issues, the most common of which are the lack of on time trains, the lack of on time buses, the lack of working escalators, the lack of working ticket kiosks, the lack of working ATMs, the overcrowded platforms, well, you get the idea. Keep in mind, Secaucus Junction is the closest train/bus station to the brand new American Dream Mall. There is no chance that doesn’t cause epic problems. Seventeen years to plan for it and no rail line directly to the mall, and no improvement of the infrastructure at the existing lines.

I’m guessing the Secaucus Escalator will have a lot of new tweets in the coming months.

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