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For the fifth year in a row, New Jersey has the highest average auto insurance costs in the country.

The figures are from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Christine O'Brien, president of the Insurance Council of New Jersey, says this is a result of New Jersey being such a densely-populated state.

"The chances of accidents are high. The frequency is high, the severity can be high. The cost to repair your car, to pay for your medical bills while in an accident, are all high in New Jersey."

O'Brien says we have the good fortune of owning fairly decent cars in New Jersey, but they cost a lot to maintain.

"We also have a number of them on the road in record numbers," she adds.

O'Brien says the average premium runs about $1,200 a year. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners report said Jersey drivers pay an average of $1,263 a year as of 2014. They say the national average for auto insurance is $866.

But according to O'Brien, it is also a good idea for New Jersey motorists to remember "there are well over 600 auto insurers writing auto insurance in New Jersey. So shop around."

She advises New Jersey motorists to price out the policies and buy the best coverage that you can afford.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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