Is it a Moroccan meatball? A Lebanese skewer? Whatever it identifies as, the kefta is delicious.

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My friend George made what we thought were beef skewers called kefta. It's a Moroccan and/or a Lebanese dish, and no matter what you call it, wow. Delicious.

I told the story on the air Friday that my wife Jodi and I were at dinner after a long day of hitting the trail this week and we sat for a moment to enjoy the meatball/meat skewer/kefta.

Knowing that a Middle Eastern meal was likely to have lamb, and my wife doesn't love lamb, I asked about the ingredients.

George's wife Elizabeth jumped in to say "George makes it with beef because I don't eat lamb."

At the moment I did not notice George's face. Apparently, he had something to hide.

We ate. We enjoyed.

Then the pressure was too much. George came clean. The "kefta" was in fact made with lamb. A 50/50 combo of lamb and beef.

Sara Dubler via Unsplash
Sara Dubler via Unsplash

Not only last night's meal but ALL the kefta he's made for his family for the past 20 years. Yikes.

Turns out the butcher was in on the deal. Taking the ground beef and lamb and mixing it allowing Goerge to tell the family that it was actually beef.

I have a decent palette but with all the spices and the unique tastes in the dish, I took George's word that it was in fact beef.

For me, it didn't matter either way as I eat just about anything and love lamb cooked the right way. For Jodi, she immediately reached out to Charlie the Butcher who has been trying unsuccessfully for years to get her to enjoy lamb.

For Elizabeth, she's going to deal with her husband and the butcher this weekend. I'll keep you posted as I learn about what happens.

You can hear her plan as she discussed the controversy on the show Friday.

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