Ladies, take note.  Here are some tips from The American Cancer Society that may save your life.

Getty Images Sport / Nick Laham
Getty Images Sport / Nick Laham

The A.C.S. says that moderate physical activity can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 14 percent.  Vigorous activities like bicycling, jogging, and aerobics can lower the risk by as much as 25 percent.

Here are five more ways to lower the risk of the dreaded disease.

1.  If you need to..lose some weight.  The Surgeon General says gaining more than 20 pounds between the age of 18 and middle age will double the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer.

2.  Put a limit on alcohol consumption.  Studies show that drinking two or more alcoholic drinks a day raises the risk of breast cancer by at least 20 percent.

3.  Know your breast tissue density.  Talk about this with your doctor.  For some women who have dense breast tissue, an annual mammogram may not be enough to monitor your health.

4.  Consume antioxidants.  On a daily basis try to eat bright colored veggies, fruits, beans, and legumes.

and..number 5.  If you do, try to quit smoking.  The rate of new breast cancer diagnoses was 24 percent higher for smokers.

I hope this helps some of you ladies during, this, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and far beyond.



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