Seaside Heights, New Jersey has a reputation for being on the grittier side of the Jersey Shore towns.

I happen to like Seaside, it's location, it's attractions, it's people. Over the years it's earned some not so nice nicknames and a certain rep.

The mayor, Tony Vaz would like to change that. It was famously the home of Snooky and the crew of Jersey Shore the reality TV show. But long before that, it cemented itself in the minds of Jerseyans of whatever it is to them.

Spring Lake it ain't, but for thousands of people in this state, you know what you're getting when you go there. And I like going there! Over the winter, Jersey shore towns travel to places like Montreal, Canada to market their little seaside villages to thousands of out of state tourists.

Seaside Heights is offering some freebies like free movies on the beach and other attractions to get some of those out of town dollars. Their doing a good job of it.

But short of a name change it will take a long time before anyone here confuses it with Deal, NJ.

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