There's only a few days left before you get to have your say on the NJ ballot questions. NJ residents are getting mailers, emails and voice mails from special interest groups telling you to vote yes on question 2. Don't fall for it!

You keep hearing NJ legislators talk about the so-called "lockbox" that will keep the funds for the gas tax hike dedicated if you vote yes to ballot question 2. Don't believe it! There's no lockbox.

Half of the 23 cents-per-gallon gas tax is going to pay off old debt.  What happens to the other half? That other half, if you vote yes, will be used to take out of a loan in upwards of $12 billion.

They're only using that lockbox for the half of the gas tax to show lenders that the state can borrow MORE money. By the way, that $12 billion in lending? That doesn't have to be dedicated to roads and bridges.

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