I posed the question on Facebook as to what the best jarred sauce was for pasta and the results are in and it was a landslide: the winner was “None of the Above.”

The overwhelming response was that no one in New Jersey should be buying jarred sauces (some said it more forcefully than others). I had mentioned in my original post that I knew most people would say that, but, man, it was a tsunami of disapproval. There were around 200 responses and the vast majority of them were negative toward jarred sauce. As I mentioned in my post, I am not of Italian descent, so I don’t have a secret family recipe for Sunday gravy that’s been passed down through the years, and, being somewhat lazy, I’ve been searching for a good jarred replacement.

Out of the people who did suggest a brand of sauce, the two most commonly mentioned brands were Rao’s (which I’ve tried) and Victoria’s (which I haven’t tried). I guess I’ll try the one’s mentioned while I search for a recipe which I can make at home and then pass down to my children so they won’t be mocked for using jarred sauce.

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