I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing "backstage" with Debbie Gibson. I don't remember who was onstage while she waited, but Debbie was clearly enjoying the vibe from the crowd!

No, we weren't at a huge stadium venue, but from the sound it it, it could have been!  Its March 1991, and the station I where I'm working holds a yearly station anniversary/listener appreciation concert, complete with the biggest artists! We're at the Hyatt Regency Princeton, and there are several hundred listeners in the ballroom, on the other side of the "backstage" wall. Debbie is wearing a nice blue and white striped dress, and is decked out with her two trademark ("Swatch") watches and wristbands.

She is bubbly. Lots of youthful enthusiasm. She clearly enjoys live entertaining, as I find out during a little "small talk." Unfortunately, I don't have a camera...but Debbie smiles broadly as I ask her to sign the back of my "Anniversary Party" pass, just before she hits the stage!

The crowd goes wild, as she sings her first hit "Only In My Dreams" (#4/1987), and "Lost In Your Eyes" (#1/1989), along with songs from her new (at the time) album.

Debbie Gibson was born in Brooklyn, NY on August 31, 1970.  She began acting in community theater at the age of 5, and sang in the children's chorus at the Metropoitan Opera House at the tender age of 8.

In 1987, while performing at nightclubs around the country, Gibson starts recording her first album "Out Of The Blue." It is finished in 4 weeks! When "Foolish Beat" rockets to #1 in 1988, Gibson becomes (at age 17) the youngest artist to ever write, produce and perform a #1 Billboard hit! When "Lost In Your Eyes" reaches #1 in 1989, Debbie becomes the first female to have a #1 album and single on the charts, at the same time!

Debbie Gibson continues to record albums of original songs, to this day, with varying success.

Among her other noted accomplishments, Debbie debuted on Broadway in 1992, in "Les Miserables." And starred as Sandy in a London production of "Grease" in 1993. She also starred in later Broadway productions of: "Grease," "Funny Girl," "Beauty And The Beast," and "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." She continues to tour, and take part in charity events. She has also been a part of several "reality shows," most recently appearing on "Celebrity Apprentice" earlier this year. And, thats just a few highlights in an incredible, multi-media career!

But to me, she'll always be Debbie, backstage in Princeton...early in her career, and mine too!

Oh...and remind me sometime to write about doing "crowd control" for Howard Jones...