It was about 2:00 a.m. on a September evening of Labor day weekend some 30 plus years ago when after a day of golfing and an adult beverage or two at the great Mesaba Country Club in Hibbing, Minnesota when I ventured off to pay a visit to Bob Dylan’s house.

For a few years I used to go up to Hibbing Minnesota with a couple of my college friends to play in an annual golf tournament at the Mesaba Country Club.

My friend Bones and I lived in Chicago at the time and we used to head up to Hibbing to hang out and play golf with our friend and former college mate at The University of Minnesota, Kevin McHale.

Kevin of course was named one of the top 50 all time great players in The NBA and played for the Boston Celtics. Kevin grew up in Hibbing and always spent his summers back in Hibbing with his and his wife Lynn’s family.

We always had a blast and would go up there and play a little golf, have a few cocktails and share our college and friendly stories with Kevin’s friends. My golf game was atrocious but Kevin and Bones would bring respectability to the tournament.

Bones, Kevin and I would stay at Kevin’s wife Lynn’s parent’s house, Dick and Sally, because their house was so close to the course. They were great, always treated us like family.

Every day on the way to the course we passed Bob Dylan’s house. It was a small well kept house that was very unassuming. I was taken back knowing that Bob Dylan grew up in that house.

So after a day and night of golf, dinner and entertainment we were on the way home when I begged Kevin to pull over in front of Bob Dylan’s house. He said he thought it was unoccupied and was recently sold.

So we got out climbed onto the front stoop and then cranked up a cassette of Bob Dylan music. I’m very grateful that the house was unoccupied, I’m also glad the neighbors didn’t complain because on that very night I felt pretty close to the aura of Bob Dylan.

Thanks Kevin for those memories.

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