"I James Gearhart, being of somewhat sound mind, reasonably sound body, to hereby throw in the towel."

That's how Jim starts off the latest installment of his new podcast, marking his Triumphant return to New Jersey 101.5. We've got a short clip above, but you can get the whole podcast by subscribing on iTunes and Google Play.

What's got him so worked up? He just can't believe the accusations and vitriol being hurled in President Donald Trump's direction.

"Nobody could be this really angry at a president or a human being or a man," Jim says — at least not over anything Trump's actually done.

He cites the case of the riot Middlebury College in Vermont, where students angry over libertarian scholar Charles Murray's appearance assaulted liberal professor Allison Stanger— leaving her in a neck brace. They were so offended by what Murray might say, they resorted to violence to stop it.

They call Trump a fascist, Jim says, but "hey are behaving in a fascistic fashion by trying to quell that."

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— Townsqaure Media Staff

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