We hope you’re happy with everything your kids received from trick-or-treating this Halloween. But we know that some years Halloween can be a great big disappointment in New Jersey. Sometimes it seems like the Halloween treats given out every year get worse and worse. Hardly even worth the trick. If you woke up this morning still shaking your head over the nerve of some parents putting absolute junk in your kids Halloween bag, you’ll feel better when you read this list. It’s full of some of the worst Halloween giveaways we’ve ever heard of, verified by our own New Jersey 101.5 listeners.

  1. Mallomars - I actually don’t think these are so bad but if you hate Mallomars, you VEHEMENTLY hate them. To some people, this is probably the worst candy you could ever get.
  2. A Christian comic book - First we thought “oh a comic book! cool!" Then we heard that this is one that outlines the evils of Halloween trick-or-treating complete with a kid being impaled by a devil’s pitchfork at the end. Talk about a buzzkill
  3. A pack of three pencils - Our caller claimed that all the neighborhood kids clamor for his Halloween giveaway. We wonder if that’s true.
  4. Condiments - A particular frugal caller said that he saves all of the little packets of ketchup, soy sauce, mustard and relish that come with his take out food and doles them out generously on Halloween night. He also claims these are a hit with the neighborhood kids.
  5. Pennies - At one point it may have even been exciting to get a few pennies in your bag, but that was in 1963. Today, giving a kid a penny or two (or three) in his Halloween bag puts your great risk of having his parents throw them back in your face.

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