There's a set of rules that we must follow in New Jersey in order to be our best selves. On air and online, we asked NJ what they consider to be the most important rules to follow in the great Garden State.

The 10 Commandments of New Jersey are as follows:

  1. Thou shall not pump thine own gas - Bob on Twitter (@bob1331) brought up this controversial commandment.
  2. Thou shall never say 'New Joisey' - Nobody. Actually. Says. Joisey.
  3. Thou shall not 'beach spread' - New for 2017, beach spreading has become a big enough problem on the Jersey shore that people are calling for laws against it!
  4. Thou shall not call it 'Taylor Ham' - I couldn't agree more with Scott in Trenton. Say it loud and say it proud: "IT'S PORK ROLL!"
  5. Thou shall keep out of the bus/ truck lanes if thou art in a car - George on the Turnpike can't stand when people put others in danger by driving where they shouldn't.
  6. Similarly, Thou shall stay out of the left lane unless thou art passing - Suggested by Joe V (and echoed by listeners like Amy), Jerseyans must not be what Jim Gearhart referred to as "Left Lane Dicks."
  7. Thou shall learn what 'yield' means - Vince in Hamilton has seen enough people either speed up or come to a full stop that he believes this learning what "yield" means should be taught as early as possible.
  8. Thou must have a go-to diner - New Jersey is the diner capital of the world, be sure to take advantage of it. Get some disco fries while you're at it.
  9. Thou shall brace thyselves when driving through Lakewood - Go forth, but do so with absolute caution!
  10. Thou must not waste any time on stupid questions that out-of-staters ask - we have no time to be asked if we know Snooki personally.

(Shameless plug alert) BONUS COMMANDMENT: Thou must have thine own NJ101.5 app for thine smartphone, for it is the best way to get thine news, weather, and traffic.


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