Aggressive driving can be a matter of life and death.

Flickr user: woodleywonderworks

That's the opinion of a New Jersey senator, who sponsors a measure that would require all soon-to-be drivers in the Garden State to learn everything possible not only about the dangers of being aggressive behind the wheel, but how to spot others who are engaging in the behavior.

"It's a bill that would require the written examination as well as the driver's ed curriculum in the high schools to cover the dangers of aggressive driving," says Sen. Linda Greenstein. "It also requires the State Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to include the dangers of aggressive driving within an informational brochure that would be given to the parents of beginner drivers."

The bill which is scheduled for a vote today in the full Senate specifies that driving a vehicle in an aggressive manner includes, but is not limited to, unexpectedly altering the speed of a vehicle, making improper or erratic traffic lane changes, disregarding traffic control devices, failing to yield the right of way and following another vehicle too closely.

"We want this to be a topic that will be explored so that people really start to think about it," explains Greenstein. "When it comes to having a feel for how close you can come to another car and how to handle situations on the road, a younger driver simply would not have had that experience."

Under the measure, the MVC would have to include the dangers of driving a vehicle in an aggressive manner as part of the written test required to get a learner's permit and basic driver's license.