A Rahway neighborhood was evacuated after an out-of-control tanker truck hit several parked cars early Tuesday morning.

A tanker truck after driving out-of-control throygth a Rahway neighborhood (PIX 11)

The truck then flipped over onto its side on Inman Avenue according to ABC 7 which reports several homes were evacuated as police and fire crews tried to determine what the tanker was carrying.The tanker was found to be empty.

Helicopter footage shows the tanker crushing two of the four cars it hit before landing on top of a Ford Crown Victoria and forcing a Toyota RAV4 to overturn. Two cars were pushed into a house, which was not damaged by the impact.

Rahway Mayor Samson Steinman told NJ.com the truck has a dashcam which police will review.

Tow trucks were brought in to remove the truck; no injuries were reported.