U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman

10 who may tip scales in the 2016 presidential race
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the year that will pass before the 2016 campaign for president formally kicks off with the votes in the Iowa Caucus, any number of candidates, donors, political operatives - and people who have nothing to do with American politics - will shape the race for the White House. Here…
Christie watchers waiting for word from the US Attorney
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears to have largely moved past the lane-closing scandal that rocked his administration and threatened to derail his political career one year later. But many outside his tight inner circle are still waiting for investigations to conclude before…
Wildlife Trafficking Bust Results in Guilty Plea
A Chinese national admitted in Newark federal court on Thursday that he was the leader of an international smuggling ring responsible for transporting millions of dollars worth of rhinoceros horns and elephant ivory from the United States to China.