Superbowl Could Increase Human Trafficking in NJ
An Assembly committee has approved sweeping bipartisan legislation to crackdown on human trafficking. The measure builds upon nearly a year’s worth of research and consultations with experts and advocates to tackle a growing crime that is estimated to claim up to 20 million victims w…
Giants Bandwagon Fan Wants to See Sanchez FAIL [VIDEO]
It is every hardcore sport fan's pet peeve. Every year the team that wins a championship always sees an increase in their fan base. These fans are normally called 'bandwagon' fans. Some of these bandwagon jumpers are better than others at integrating themselves.
Gisele Bundchen Disses Tom Brady’s Teammates [VIDEO]
Tom Brady's supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen has been causing quite a stir recently.  First, it was her email to friends and family asking for "positive energy" and prayer in support of Brady and the Patriots. Now, it is a post-game rant caught on video ripping the Patriot…

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