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What seniors should know about joint accounts
Q. Since I am elderly and handicapped, I added my daughter’s name to sign my checks so she can pay bills if I was hospitalized. Does this mean she owns half my accounts now? I wanted them to be payable on death to three family members. Also my daughter has bad credit. What will this do to my credit? And, I have one disfavored child and I don’t want her name on the accounts.
Prescription Addiction
"Addiction Does Not Discriminate" is the slogan for New Jersey's latest campaign against the opiate abuse epidemic, sending the message that no one is immune to this deadly drug problem - not even the state's senior citizens.
Senior Citizen Fraud
A prominent Atlantic County attorney and the owner of an in-home senior care company have been arrested for allegedly conspiring to steal the life savings of elderly clients, the Attorney General's office announced Thursday.

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